Amazon Marks Launchpad Milestone – HomeWorld Business

Amazon Launchpad, a program dedicated to empowering startups and other innovative new brands to grow in Amazon’s store, is celebrating five years of launching new products.

The program has helped startups and small businesses launch tens of thousands of products across 30 categories in the U.S. alone, with nearly 400 U.S.-based startups and small businesses having surpassed $1 million in annual sales in Amazon’s store since the program launched in 2015 —and nearly 40 have surpassed $10 million in annual sales, according to the company.

With Amazon Launchpad, startups and other small businesses and new brands can overcome many of the challenges associated with launching new products by leveraging Amazon’s marketing tools, ecommerce expertise, and fulfillment network, while receiving unique merchandising opportunities, curated webinars, content creation tools, AWS credits, and more

“We know customers are looking for ways to support small businesses, and Launchpad helps them find some of the most innovative, unique products out there,” said Nick Love, head of Amazon Launchpad. “On the small business and startup side, our main priority is to help brands build quality product detail pages highlighting the uniqueness of the product, tell customers about their brand story, share best practices for selling in Amazon’s store, drive product awareness, and ultimately, increase sales. The Amazon Launchpad program’s 2020 class, fueled by small business and startup companies, has grown sales more than 75% year-over-year as of the end of August. This growth allows them to focus on the innovation. We continue to be inspired by the

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