America’s most important political battle – CNN

Frida Ghitis
The battle is visible in skirmishes big and small across the country. Moments like when Rep. Liz Cheney and nine of her GOP colleagues voted to impeach Donald Trump in January, acknowledging his role in inciting the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Or when Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a conservative Republican, vetoed a bill that would have restricted how doctors can work with transgender patients. Or when Republicans in Georgia stood firm in rejecting Trump’s relentless pressure to overturn the election in their state.
Republicans are locked in battle about what kind of a party they will be: one that stands for conservative values and seeks to craft legislation in support of those ideals, or one that will continue drifting to the extremes, breathing life into lies that rile up the base while undercutting faith in the country’s democracy.
So far, it’s very clear which side is winning, and the potential consequences for the country are ominous.
A new poll from Reuters/Ipsos found that 60% of Republicans believe the Big Lie, the false claim that Trump won the election. And, nearly half of all Republicans believe the latest outgrowth from the Big Lie, the New Lie — Trump’s claim that instead of

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