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David Muir Takes On New Duties Leading Breaking News And Special Event Coverage At ABC News – Deadline

World News Tonight anchor David Muir has started to lead coverage of major special events and breaking on ABC News, as the network has phased out the title of “chief anchor” that had been given to Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos.

The change started last month with Muir leading a special report on the White House ceremony marking the deaths of 500,000 Americans due to Covid-19.

Muir has been anchor of World News Tonight since 2014, and the newscast has risen to the top of the ratings since then. During the coronavirus pandemic, it has at times topped viewership of all broadcast TV shows for the week.

Up to now, ABC News has had an unusual arrangement in that its evening news anchor has not been the figure to helm major event coverage. With the title of chief anchor, Stephanopoulos has had those duties, most leading coverage of the inauguration and election night coverage, when Muir joined him along with Linsey Davis of ABC News Live.

Two years ago, according to a source familiar with the matter, ABC News executives asked Muir to take over the duties as lead anchor of breaking news and special events. But it was a delicate situation as the network wanted to keep both of the anchors happy, and the decision was made that the transition after the election.

Stephanopoulos will continue to anchor breaking news in the mornings as Good Morning America co-anchor, and

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