Fake meat goes beyond burgers with money for printing steaks – The Guam Daily Post

Juicy sirloin steaks hot off a 3D printer are on the menu this year as the booming faux meat market bids to lure even die-hard carnivores.

Israel’s Redefine Meat Ltd. is targeting steak houses and other restaurants in Israel, Europe and Asia with its 3D-printed facsimiles of beef cuts, from fillet to rump and brisket. The startup has just raised $29 million in funding to build a large-scale pilot factory and begin sales later this year, it said Tuesday.

“We want to change the belief that delicious meat can only come from animals,” CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit said. “We have all the building blocks in place to make this a reality.”

Alternative-protein demand has boomed in recent years as environmental and health concerns drive consumers to products like faux burgers or nuggets. That’s attracted venture-capital investors and food giants from Nestle SA to McDonald’s Corp., although more needs to be done to improve the

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