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international media

Talking about international media and its role in regards to less developed countries, international media is just not about giving news and making decisions; it’s about an ideology. The term International media can be used for the media existing in developed countries.  They have their say and stand in media followed by developing or underdeveloped countries. Now with the pace that the world is progressing, it is hard to differentiate between developing and underdeveloped countries, there is just a marginal difference remaining.

Political, social, and economic conditions define the standing of a country. It tells the present condition and also predicts the future, which can really be a make or break situation for any country or state. A weak country on these three pillars can survive or even get worse by just tiny measures taken by the media.

When bombing and firing happen in Syria, the international media always declares Syria on the wrong side of it and makes Israel the victim of it.

Role of international media

In a good man’s world, an ideal role of international media should be to encourage and play a positive role in the development of underdeveloped countries. But is it really the case? We have seen good work such as working for health-related projects and welfare work but international media often plays the

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