Spiritual politics in the world: Is it an utopian expectation? – WION

In all countries in the world, whether democracies or dictatorial regimes or feudal systems, politicians and consequently politics have been marked by rivalries, sinister moves to downplay others and in many cases favouritism, corruption and nepotism.

Even highly developed countries like the USA, Japan, and Britain are not exceptions to such a prevailing political scenario.

The recent presidential election in the USA, which is generally viewed as having one of the best democratic systems in the world, more than clearly revealed how politics has descended to abysmally low levels.

A former prime minister of Japan was accused of indulging in corrupt practices and a court verdict went against him.  

So many other similar examples can be readily shown in almost all countries in the world these days, pointing to the need to reform politics across the world.

In such a world scenario, one 70-year old film actor in India — who still has a thriving career in acting — declared he would start a political party to fight for the concept of spiritual politics and would practice spiritual politics if and when elected in the forthcoming election.

However, before this could start, he took a U turn and said he would not start the political party in view of his poor health conditions.

Nevertheless, the concept of spiritual politics caught the imagination of many people who  want clean politics. It has also raised doubts and misgivings — making many people wonder as to whether spiritual politics is possible at all in the present conditions

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