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Syracuse native David Muir takes over breaking news coverage at ABC News –

Syracuse native David Muir is taking over as ABC News’ lead in breaking news coverage as part of a major shakeup at the television network.

The Wrap reports America’s most-watched news anchor has started to lead coverage of major special events and breaking news, in addition to continuing his role as “World News Tonight” anchor. The breaking news role was previously held by “Good Morning America” co-anchor George Stephanopoulos under the title “chief anchor,” which Variety says ABC News is no longer using.

According to Deadline, the change started last month when Muir anchored a special report on President Joe Biden’s White House ceremony marking the deaths of 500,000 Americans from Covid-19.

ABC News has not commented on the change.

A source told Deadline that ABC News executives asked Muir to take over anchoring breaking news and special events two years ago, but waited until after the 2020 election due to a “delicate situation” and efforts to keep both of its top anchors happy.

Sources told CNN that Stephanopoulos threatened to leave ABC for a rival network, leading to a negotiation with Disney executive chairman Bob Iger for an extended contract. Stephanopoulos is expected to continue to anchor breaking news in the mornings on “GMA,” as well as work on primetime specials and new shows for Walt Disney Co. platforms like Hulu and National

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