The World Economic Forum says it will take an extra 36 years to close the gender gap – CNN

WEF measures parity in four ways: economic participation and opportunity, education, health and political empowerment. Data examined by the organization showed that the gap in political empowerment has widened significantly since its 2020 report, while economic participation has improved only slightly.
“We hope that this report will serve as a call to action to leaders to embed gender parity as a central goal of our policies and practices to manage the post-pandemic recovery, to the benefit of our economies and our societies,” WEF managing director Saadia Zahidi wrote in the report.
The group estimated that the economic gender gap will take another 268 years to close. That data does not yet fully reflect the impact from the pandemic, which could make matters worse.
“Progress towards gender parity is stalling in several large economies and industries,” WEF warned. “This is partly due to women being more frequently employed in sectors hardest hit by lockdowns combined with the additional pressures of providing care at home.”
While the proportion of women among skilled professionals is growing, income disparities and the scant number of women in managerial positions still pose problems, WEF said.
Women have lost jobs at higher rates than men during the pandemic, and they’re being rehired at a slower rate than men as the economy bounces back. When schools and other care facilities closed, women “disproportionately” took on childcare, housework and the care of elders. That boosted stress

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